The town of Garachico is located in the north-western coast of Tenerife, not far from Puerto de la Cruz. Once the capital city of Tenerife, Garachico is today a beautiful fishing village with small cottages and large townhouses. Full of history landmarks, it is

definitely worth a visit during your stay in the island.

The harbour of Garachico was the most important port in Tenerife during the 16th century. At that time the town suffered several natural disasters. The volcanic landslides in 1645, killed over one hundred people, and in the eruption of 1706 lava rivers reached the harbour which became unsuitable for commercial shipping.

Today the town is an interesting place to visit in Tenerife; here you can see beautiful squares buildings and streets, and important landmarks of the past of the island. Pools formed by the lava of the 1706 eruption are today used by locals and tourists for bathing. The town displays tipical canarian buildings with beautiful wooden balconies and cobbled streets. Among the most interesting places to visit in Garachico are the Castle of San Miguel, from where you will enjoy fabulous views over the ocean.

Garachico is the place in Tenerife where you can watch very close really huge waves coming from the open Ocean and you for sure will be impressed by their incredible a bit dangerous power.

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