Tenerife Host launched dedicated website for private VIP tours

Tenerife Host launched dedicated website for Private VIP Tours in Tenerife.

The difference between the bus sightseeing tour and private VIP tour is that bus tours are budget inexpensive tours dedicated for people who, well, can’t spend more money, but still interested to discover the island. Even in a coach sightseeing tour you have to share experience with a quite big group of strangers and have no chances to get to the places where you can get with a private guide (you are limited by bus size and the group size) BUT you you still in the top 5% of the island visitors, who’s interested to discover new things, experiences and places, It because 95% of the island visitors never see more than airport, hotel’s restaurants and swimming pools and nearest beach, If they know how much they’ve lost.

On the other side, there are visitors, who really want to discover the island of Tenerife “from inside” and appreciate the comfort, exclusivity and flexibility. For those people we have dedicated a separate website for Private VIP Tours in Tenerife and La Gomera islands where you can book an exclusive private VIP tour only for you, your family or group of friends, without sharing it with others.


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